What to Expect From a Motorsport UK Licensed Officials Seminar

March 18, 2024

🏁 Welcome to the 2024 Motorsport UK Licensed Official Seminars Recap! 🏁


Throughout the first quarter of 2024, Motorsport UK delivered a series of dynamic seminars aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of licensed clerks, stewards, and scrutineers.

Our goal? To elevate the standards of safety and fairness in motorsport for everyone involved.


Highlights of the seminars included in-depth discussions and training on crucial topics such as:


Medical Protocols: From concussion management to alcohol testing, ensuring the health and well-being of competitors remains paramount.


Safety Measures: We delved into safety management systems and protocols for reporting serious incidents, underlining our commitment to creating a secure environment for all participants.


Rule Updates: Keeping our licensed officials up to date with insights into the latest national competition rules.


Judicial Processes: Providing a comprehensive understanding of the judicial journey in motorsport, from initial reports to appeals and the right to review stages, ensuring fairness and transparency every step of the way.


Consistent Application of Penalties: Learning strategies for maintaining driving standards and applying penalties consistently to uphold the integrity of the sport.


Scrutineering: Exploring emerging trends such as scrutineering for electric vehicles, the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) for competitors, and the latest in fire extinguisher technology.


Join us as we reflect on these pivotal seminars, where passion for motorsport met with a dedication to excellence. Together, let’s drive towards a safer, fairer, and more thrilling future on the track.



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