Essential Guide for Co-Drivers! | Rally Time Cards Explained | Your First Rally Ep.11

June 18, 2024

In this video, we dive into the crucial role of time cards in rallying and how to use them effectively. As a co-driver, the time card is your most important document throughout the rally. Learn how to record your times at each control, manage road sections, and avoid penalties.


We’ll also cover how to use the time card at stage starts and finishes, keep your records accurate, and ensure you complete the mandatory Damage Declaration. If you’re co-driving for the first time, we’ll share essential tips on keeping your paperwork organized and ready.


Don’t miss this essential guide to mastering rally time cards!


📌 Key Points Covered:

– Importance of time cards
– Recording times at controls
– Managing road sections and stage times
– Avoiding time penalties
– Mandatory Damage Declaration
– Essential tips for first-time co-drivers


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