Girls on Track UK and Premier League clubs launch Motorsport Taster Days for Secondary School Girls

April 28, 2023

Recently, #MotorsportUK held two successful #GirlsOnTrackUK secondary school pilot events, one in London and one in Manchester.


We tailored our usual primary school programme to hold these taster days for girls in Year 7 to 9 at two TeamSport indoor karting venues, where the students were able to participate in a range of interactive activities and, of course, get out on track themselves!


Before holding these events, we conducted detailed research into what these girls already knew about motorsport and any potential barriers they may face in getting into the industry. It was a huge step in our mission to continue to help inspire girls into motorsport and STEM roles.


With thanks to the Ignite Partnership & Mission 44 for their funding and continuous support, and the Chelsea Foundation & Manchester United Foundation for their role in helping organise these events.



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