How To Fully Utilise Vision, Feel And Hearing

January 23, 2023

Learn how to fully utilise vision, feel and hearing with Motorsport UK TV, the home of motorsport video in the UK.


When driving on track, our aim is always to be learningimproving and ultimately decreasing our lap time.

To do this, we must absorb as much information from the car and circuit as possible, through the various senses we use while driving.

Every input we place into the car, whether it be braking, steering or acceleration, comes from what we see, feel and hear.

Therefore, it’s critical that we make the most of these senses and absorb as much information as possible so that we can optimise every part of our driving.

The more information we digest from the car and circuit – grip levels, braking references, tyre screeching, g-force, speed, oversteer and so on – the more likely we are to be quick.

Today’s tutorial will explain why we need to be more sensitive and how we can focus our attention on each sense to process more information and to be faster on track.