Inside the Roger Albert Clark Rally | Recreating the Golden Era of UK Rally

December 8, 2023

Is the Roger Albert Clark Rally the greatest and most challenging stage rally in the world?
Motorsport UK TV takes you on an exclusive journey to the heart of the 2023 Roger Albert Clark Rally, exploring the rich history of stage rallying in the UK.


We delve deep into the rally’s illustrious history, tracing its roots from the iconic RAC Rally in an attempt to replicate the event into to the present-day Roger Albert Clark Rally. Discover the evolution of this legendary event that has become a cornerstone in the world of motorsports.


Take an inside look at the challenges that make this rally stand out among the rest. From the demanding terrains to the strategic format, we break down what sets the Roger Albert Clark Rally apart, making it a true test of skill, endurance, and passion for both drivers and their historic machines.


Immerse yourself in the world of classic cars as we showcase a stunning array of vehicles at this year’s event, ranging from iconic Ford Escorts to the elegance of Lancia and the power of Porches.


But that’s not all – don’t miss the exclusive insights from Oliver Solberg and Tony Jardine as they discuss the cutting-edge use of sustainable fuels in their classic cars. Discover how these remarkable athletes are pushing the boundaries of both performance and environmental responsibility.


Ready to embark on your rally journey? Watch this video now and get started on the road to becoming a rally pro.

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