Introducing StreetCar: Motorsport in your everyday road car

June 6, 2022

Motorsport UK has launched StreetCar: Motorsport in your everyday road car to encourage more people to get behind the wheel of their road car and participate in motorsport.

StreetCar aims to break perceptions and showcase that motorsport is affordable and accessible with a wide range of low-cost grassroots disciplines available for new and existing members of the community.

There are 12 StreetCar disciplines:

– Autotest, AutoSOLO and Production Car Autotest

– Trials and untimed Cross Country events

– Rally including Touring Assemblies, Treasure Hunts, Navigational Scatter, Navigational Rally, Road and Historic Rally, 12 Car Rally and Targa Rally

All of these disciplines can be participated in with a standard unmodified road car without safety kit and only a free Motorsport UK RS Clubman licence.

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