🔴 LIVE | Prescott Historique, 27 May 2023

May 26, 2023

This wonderful one day celebration of the history of Hill Climbing returns to Prescott Speed Hill Climb once again, featuring cars from the early 1900’s up to the 1990’s.


One of the highlights of this year’s event will be the wonderful V16 BRM taking to the Hill for demonstration runs throughout the event. BRM was founded in the 1940s by Raymond Mays CBE, whose post-war vision was to boost British prestige by creating a British Grand Prix car capable of beating and taking on the world; a vision which gave birth to the BRM. Mays was a regular competitor at Prescott Speed Hill Climb, having clinched the inaugural British Hill Climb Championship title at the venue in 1947 driving his beloved ERA R4D.


Alongside BRM, we will welcome a number of ERAs to the meeting to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the car manufacturer which was also founded by Raymond Mays CBE. English Racing Automobiles was founded in 1933 and raced competitively at the highest levels of motor racing from 1934 until 1952. Prescott Historique will pay special tribute to this manufacturer, with cars taking to the Hill for competition and demonstration runs, and a static display in the Paddock for everyone to enjoy.




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