Unveiling Rally Safety Tech | Inside the Tracking Units Used | Your First Rally Ep.8

April 9, 2024

Join Jon Desborough and Motorsport UK TV as we delve into the world of rally events in the UK, uncovering the crucial role of tracking units in ensuring safety and efficient event management. We chatted with Craig Parry from Sporttraxx to unravel the technical intricacies behind these essential devices.


Rallying presents unique challenges with its remote and varied terrain, making it imperative for organisers to keep a close eye on participants’ whereabouts. Tracking units, powered by GPS technology, provide real-time location updates to rally control, offering a lifeline in case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.


Discover how these compact yet powerful devices function, from their installation on vehicles to their primary functions of summoning medical assistance, reporting issues on stages, or signalling safety to organisers. We explore the different types of trackers utilised in the UK, each equipped with essential features like SOS buttons for medical emergencies and OK buttons for status updates.


Rallying is very different from many other forms of motorsport, and so by its very nature, there can sometimes be a significant distance between marshals and junctions on the stages; so it’s important for the organisers to know your whereabouts and that you are safe.


On multi-venue events, you will be required to carry a tracking unit, which positively monitors your whereabouts during the rally. This simple yet very effective device will usually be fitted by the tracking team, and most require a small plastic cradle to be securely fitted to the car.


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