What Is A Stage Rally?

April 2, 2023

Stage Rallying is one of the most popular forms of UK motorsport with huge followings notably in the more rural regions in Scotland, Wales and northern England. Events take place on loose surface forest tracks and on closed public roads.


Unlike circuit racing where participants compete wheel-to-wheel against each other, stage rallying is won and lost against-the-clock on competitive speed tests know as special stages. Cars leave the start line at regular intervals and finishing times are totted up – the winners are those to have completed all the sections in the least overall aggregate time.


Rallying is also very much a team sport with drivers being ably supported by a co-driver who plays a vital role with navigation both on the special stages and when driving between the timed sections, often on public roads.


Though modified for safety, speed and durability, cars must be road-legal with a valid MOT, tax and insurance. Likewise a driver must hold a full DVLA driving licence as well as a Stage Rally Competition Licence – easily obtained after buying a Go Rallying starter pack from Motorsport UK and passing a British Association of Rally Schools (BARS) assessment.


Colin McRae, Richard Burns and Elfyn Evans all started on the same route and became British rallying legends, while thousands of others are just enjoying the thrills and camaraderie of stage rallying in events and championships held throughout the UK.


– As a minimum all those competing in stage rallying are required to wear a helmet, FHR and flame-resistant overalls.

– You can start competing in stage rallying from the age of 14


To get your journey started in rallying, buy a Rallying Starter Pack (BARS) at https://shop.motorsportuk.org.



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