What Is Autocross?

April 13, 2023

With its origins based in cars whizzing around a farmer’s field for laughs, Autocross is in many ways the ultimate grassroots form of motorsport.


Today, the ever-popular discipline is far better organised but remains one of the most enjoyable and affordable activities on four wheels, as well as an ideal discipline for thrill-seeking novices.


Autocross events run up to four cars side-by-side in eye-catching showdowns on grass or stubble fields. Timing is against the clock and drivers face ever-changing conditions as they scrabble for traction and the fastest times.


Cars vary from everyday road cars often driven to events, sturdier rally cars and lightweight specials – participants require basic safety gear including fire resistant overalls, crash helmet, fire extinguisher and mud flaps.


– Teenagers can compete in Autocross from the age of 14.

– Circuit lengths are usually around 1000 metres in length with three of four lap races.



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