What Is Hill Climb?

April 6, 2023

Hill Climb is one of the oldest and most loved forms of motorsport – indeed, dating back to 1905, Shelsley Walsh is the oldest venue in the world still holding events on its original course. Other high-profile meetings are typically held at established venues and on the asphalt drives of country houses such as Goodwood.


The high-speed sport is wonderfully simple and one of the most exciting – it involves solo-running competitors getting from the bottom of the hill to the top as quickly as possible. After several practice runs, the action reaches fever pitch with a number of competitive blasts, drivers pushing right to the limits in their efforts to beat each other’s times.


Ensuring everyone can have a go, a wide choice of classes open to all categories of cars from unmodified road cars right up to purpose-built single-seaters, which often reach speeds of 150+mph as they flash across the finishing line. Historics and classics are also very popular with both entrants and spectators.


– To compete in a Hill Climb competitors need a Motorsport UK RS Inter Competition Licence as well as a helmet and flameproof overalls.

– While hill climb courses overseas are frequently many miles in length, in the UK they are far shorter and often condense the fever-pitched action into less than a minute.



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