What Is Rallycross?

April 4, 2023

Originally designed especially for Saturday afternoon television audiences, Rallycross combines all the thrills of bumper-to-bumper circuit racing with the crowd-pleasing sideways spectacle of stage rallying.


Up to eight cars line-up for a standing start and compete wheel-to-wheel in short, action-packed showdowns staged on a circuit that is part asphalt and part loose surface. Drivers, thus, need both race craft and high-speed car control.


Adding to the fast and furious nature of Rallycross, races are short and always action-packed. While not a contact sport, close racing is guaranteed and thus both cars and drivers require approved safety equipment.


– Those from the age of 14 can compete in Junior Rallycross.

– As a closely-fought, high-speed sport, participants need compliant safety equipment such as a helmet and fireproof overalls.


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