What Is Trialling?

April 1, 2023

Trials are one of the most skilful and totally unique forms of motorsport. And one of the most accessible.


Competition is not about speed but all about finding traction on a winding off-road course laid out on rural tracks and grassy hillsides. Momentum, picking the right line and throttle control are the key elements to a very entertaining, challenging and competitive day out.


Adding to the spectacle and teamwork, each car has a passenger who moves their weight around to get the most possible traction on each wheel and thus greatly help progress. The further a driver – and passenger – gets up a section, the lower the score and the driver with the lowest score of the day is the overall winner.


There are three main types of Trials: Sporting Trials which require a purpose-built vehicle; Car Trials which are open to everyday two-wheel-drive road cars and Classic Trials which tend to use the public road and involve older vehicles.


– To compete in Trials (as a driver or passenger) participants will need to apply for a free RS Clubman Competition Licence.


There are no specific requirements for personal protective equipment in Trials events.


Found out how to get involved with Car Trials through StreetCar: www.streetcarmotorsportuk.com and find events and clubs on the Motorsport UK website: www.motorsportuk.org/clubs-organisers/find-clubs/



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