What To Expect at an Autotest | StreetCar

May 31, 2023

This week Charlie goes back to his roots for Maidstone and Mid Kent Motor Club’s Autotest. Before he started Circuit Racing, Charlie developed his craft with Autotesting.


We’ve given Charlie the Motorsport UK StreetCar Mini to put it through its paces. From Signing on and scrutineering to learning the test, and having your first runs – Charlie shows us what to expect on your very first Autotest.


Autotests are an incredibly popular StreetCar discipline, taking place up and down the country. Typically in the range of £35 for a full day of motorsport, they provide an affordable and exhilarating pathway into motorsport.


Get matched with your local StreetCar Autotest Club by completing the form here: https://streetcarmotorsportuk.com/get-started




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