A Day in the Life of a Hillclimb Racing Competitor | Inside the World of Hillclimb Racing

March 27, 2024

Join Motorsport UK TV and Billy Grace as we discuss the competitors journey at a hillclimb event. Join us as we guide you through the essential checklist for arriving at a hillclimbing event and getting started on the right track!


In this video, we cover everything from the moment you pull into the event venue to getting behind the wheel and tackling the challenging track. We’ll help you navigate the signing on process, offer insights on what to bring, and share some insider knowledge to boost your confidence on the track.


Watch our beginner hillclimb series.


Get started in hillclimbing: https://www.motorsportuk.org/get-started/types-of-motor-sport/hill-climb/

If you would like to begin in a female only environment: https://www.bwrdc.co.uk/post/into-speed-event-start-your-motorsport-journey-with-us




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