Girls On Track UK Webinar: Sustainability

February 9, 2023

The word ‘Sustainability’ is used a lot and covers a huge range of themes and areas, but what does it actually look like in motorsport?

The first FIA Girls on Track UK webinar of 2023 saw host Steph Wentworth joined by three guests from the world of sustainability in motorsport – Jess Runicles, Head of Sustainability at Motorsport UK; Parveer Ramana, Aston Martin F1’s Sustainability and Environment Lead; and Chien ‘Cece’ Liu, Junior Sustainable Innovation and Carbon Analyst at Enovation Consulting Ltd.

They answer questions sent in by viewers and discuss why this is such an important issue in sport as well as wider society, the challenges involved, and their own career paths which took them to where they are today.