Hill Climb Timing | How Does The Timing Work at a Hillclimb Event?

May 21, 2024

Join Motorsport UK TV and Billy Grace as we discover how the timing systems work at a hillclimb event.


From the marshals carefully positioning each car at the starting line to ensure fairness, to the precision timing beams strategically placed along the course, every aspect of timing plays a crucial role in capturing the all important timings to a fraction of a second.


As a car launches off the starting line, the timing process ignites with the detection of its timing strut passing through the initial beams. These beams, spread strategically along the course, meticulously track the car’s progress, creating a precise timeline known as split times.


Behind the scenes, dedicated timekeepers stationed at the timing hut meticulously record each run to the hundredth of a second, producing accurate results that fuel the competition.


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