Mastering Rally Reconnaissance | Tips and Techniques | Your First Rally Ep.6

March 14, 2024

Join Jon Desborough and Motorsport UK TV as we delve into the world of rally reconnaissance, also known as ‘recce’, where competitors get a sneak peek at the stages before the adrenaline-fueled action begins. In this video, we explore the ins and outs of this crucial pre-rally process.


Recce is more than just a drive-through; it’s an opportunity to strategize and prepare. Whether you’re crafting your own route notes or double-checking the organizer’s supplied ones, every detail counts. But remember, safety comes first – adhere to traffic laws and speed limits as you traverse the stages.


Learn the art of deciphering shorthand notes that describe everything from bend severity to road conditions. With recce, you can anticipate potential challenges and gain a competitive edge, especially on higher grade events.


Just be sure to follow event regulations – unauthorized reconnaissance can lead to severe penalties.


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