What Is Autotest?

April 12, 2023

Autotest involves a cocktail of car control and precision driving all at relatively low speeds. Competitors have to memorise and then complete a marked out course as quickly as possible without hitting any of the penalty cones or markers.


Tests are staged on sealed-surface areas or fields and often include stopping with the front and rear wheels straddling a line, sections in reverse and always end stopping in a delineated ‘garage’.


As tests involve driving neatly against the stopwatch, smaller vehicles are more suitable than larger, less agile ones. There are classes for cars specially built for Autotests (Mini specials are popular) but there are also classes for standard road cars so everyone can have a go.


– There are three different types of AutoSOLO
– Precision driving skills required include handbrake turns and reverse flicks.
– Autotests run entirely in a forward direction – with no reversing – are called AutoSOLOs. AutoSOLO vehicles must be driven to the event.


Find out more about getting started in Autotests with StreetCar: https://www.streetcarmotorsportuk.com/



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