What Is Esports?

April 7, 2023

Born from the video game culture, motorsport Esports and sim racing is one of the fastest growing and most accessible forms of motorsport. Competitions between professional gamers now enjoy huge online followings via live streaming with ever-advancing virtual technology and graphics increasing realism.


There is a wide choice of equipment, racing opportunities and communities hosting leagues and events as well as online advice on car set-ups, equipment and driver coaching.


While many will stick with the comfort of Esports from home, some will make the transfer to real-world motorsport. Moreover, there are online competitions with prizes offering the true excitement of circuit racing drives. One of the beauties of esports is the transferable skills from online racing to the real-world meaning you can train and learn many of the required racing techniques at home.


Indeed, prize winners have already raced in high level single-seater series and at Le Mans, while two young gamers will compete in this year’s British F4 Championship for free after winning the ROKiT Racing Star contest, a five round Esports series.


– Though it does not govern Esports, Motorsport UK offers an Esports Hub providing advice, insight and benefits to new and experienced online drivers.

– The Motorsport UK Esports Hub offers visitors of all ages guidance on how to make the switch to real-world motorsport and not just as a driver.


To start your journey in Esports, visit and join Motorsport UK’s Esports Hub: https://esports.motorsportuk.org/



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