What Is Circuit Racing?

April 11, 2023

Circuit Racing is the UK’s most popular form of motorsport. It pits competitors against each other on a purpose-built race track for a given number of laps or time. The winner is the first passed chequered flag, once the designated race distance is completed.


Formula One sits at the pinnacle of the sport and the UK boasts a number of different championships – notably the ROKiT F4 British Championship certified by the FIA – for aspiring young F1 drivers from the age of 15 upwards. Similar junior series also exist for would-be professional GT, sports and touring car drivers.


Those stairways to potential stardom, however, are just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg with motor clubs offering an incredible variety of accessible opportunities for enthusiasts of all ages and experiences at circuits all over the UK. Some of these are for purpose-built competition cars, others for more familiar showroom models. Moreover, as time passes, there are an ever-increasing number of races for much-loved classic and historic cars, too.


Whether old or new, all competing cars must be fitted with mandatory safety equipment and are checked by experienced scrutineers before being allowed to leave the pit lane. Having acquired a Motorsport UK Starter Pack, drivers also have to pass a Novice Drivers Training Course to obtain a competition licence – this includes a 30-minute written test covering safety information such as warning flags as well as a short track test in a road car to prove competency, not speed.


– There are 13 nationwide Motorsport UK-recognised Association of Racing Driver Schools (ARDS) open to those seeking a Motorsport UK competition licence.

– All circuit racing drivers require compliant safety equipment such as a helmet and fireproof overalls, gloves and boots.


To get your journey started in circuit racing, buy a Racing Starter Pack (ARDS) at https://shop.motorsportuk.org.



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